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A Blog to Pass the Time

Joe’s plane is officially en route, and I have been reduced to blabbering and bluthering and ticking away the minutes, absolutely useless.  The one thought I’m capable of mustering, it seems, is always some giddy variation of “And that’s the last meal alone!”: “The last time I’ll wash dishes!” “The last time I’ll listen to Loretta Lynn because he simply won’t stand for that!” “The last episode of America’s Next Top Model I’ll watch! No really, I need to stop watching those.  Like, for good.”  One of these days I’ll get back to writing substantial posts about Germany (as an aside, have I written a substantial post actually about Germany yet?), but for now, God willin’ and the creek snow don’t rise, this will be the last post I write before Joe arrives.

And, quite possibly, the last post I write for the next several weeks, unless Joe and I just get absolutely sick of each other and bored to boot, which I’m not entirely ruling out.  But if you and I don’t meet between now and then, a very merry Christmas from all of us at Lori Speaks Denglish, and a glückliches neues Jahr! (That’s German for “Joe will be here in 8 and a half hours”).

Also, my neighbor's cat came in and napped on my bed, and I just really thought you ought to know.