Idiomatic Monday: The Carnival Edition

Used to be, I thought the best sorts of days were the ones you spent on the river, so you’d wake up and immediately hop into your swimsuit.  I was wrong.  Clearly, the best sorts of days are the ones when you wake up and  hop immediately into your pirate suit.

My 6:30 a.m. pirate face is a fearsome thing to behold

And then spend the day at parades and eating doughnuts, called Kreppel around these parts (or Berliner, of “ich bin ein Berliner” fame).  I managed three and a half of the things yesterday, and very little else.  At any rate, today is Rosenmontag, Rose Monday, the day when Carnival season really culminates.  And when I say “Carnival Season,” I mean the period between November 11 and tomorrow.  You know, that season.

Anyway, I’m going to spend my day pillaging and plundering in Mainz, where the second-biggest Carnival celebration in Germany is held, but before I head over, I felt I needed to commemorate this day first by sharing a song with you, the sort of link-arms-with-your-drunken-neighbor sort of song, the crowd-rousing sort of song that’s perfect for days like today.

Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren,
am Rosenmontag in Mainz am Rhein,
bis Aschermittwoch bin ich verloren,
denn Rosenmontagskinder müssen närrisch sein!


On Rose Monday, I was born
On Rose Monday, In Mainz am Rhein
Until Ash Wednesday, I’m lost (also: doomed)
Because Rose Monday children have to be foolish


7 responses to “Idiomatic Monday: The Carnival Edition

  1. Loribeard the mighty pirate

  2. Jeremy Rhodes

    Fun times. I want to go to all of the pre-Lent Mardi Gras-esque celebrations one day. This one sounds like great fun! Mmmm donuts.


  4. Those were all good comments, guys. Thanks.

  5. Piracy – a viable career option.

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