Kuchen: a poem


Cake is for the mornings
At breakfast it’s real lecker
Years of practice and an iron stomach
Explain why I’m not sicker

I think cake is also great
For breaks between my classes
It’s always in the teachers’ lounge
Da-dum da-dum molasses

I like cake for dinner
At last, dessert no more
Cake from the oven is always best
But I’d have cake from a store

Hazelnut cream or Schoko-Nuss
The plum and strawberry sort
I eat cakes of all shapes and sizes
Or if I must, a torte

Cake with forks or cake with fingers
Doesn’t matter how you serve it
And because I have to walk for hours a day because my house is located miles away from anything of note and the bus comes at inconvenient times and now my bike has a flat tire,
I feel like I deserve it.


4 responses to “Kuchen: a poem

  1. I think you broke meter in the final stanza.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Enjoying reading your blog except the one about the unruly neighbor.
    Hope that has quieted down. We’re going over to your mom & dad’s house
    today to watch the football game between Ark. & Alabama. Alabama is #1
    and Ark. is #10. Hope we play a good game. Having a little fall weather today – it’s been really hot here. Love, Grandma & Papa

  3. …But seriously. I love Kuchen. Bernadette made a plum kuchen one time. Very yummy.

    Do you need me to send you some bike repair stuff?

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