Last Post Stateside

Bonus Lori Factoid: this post might be enhanced by playing this song while you’re reading, the song I always listen to at take-off when going on a trip of any significance.  And, if you’re still interested, this song comes next.  Ah, ritual.

Maybe it’s just the nature of traveling, but miniature disasters seem to be my lot: three days before I left, I received a bad, bad haircut; my laptop screen kicked the bucket; my luggage might be routed to the wrong station; I probably don’t need to go into the saga of the Great Passport Caper again.

My hair, roughly. My facial expression, absolutely.

But those things are fixed now.  And those are the things I’ll forget soon (or, I would have, had I not committed them forever to internet.  Whatever).  I’ll get to where I’m going, with or without my baggage (icing on the cake, right? Maybe in this case, more icing than cake.  Yuck).  At any rate, anything, anything, will be better than the seven-hour layover in Newark I’m currently enjoying, even though I can see the New York skyline from where I’m sitting, and there is something that feels so right about writing my last post in America while looking out over the Statue of Liberty.  I feel like I could make a point more profound than that, but my sense of the profound is a bit stifled by the stretch of New Jersey in between me and Lady Liberty, which is – how shall I phrase this delicately? – ugly.

Plus, that aforementioned stretch of calamity seems pretty trivial in light of last night: a huge thanks to all the friends and family who came over for the farewell party.  I have to admit, I’ve been a bit disappointed throughout the week at how anticlimactic all my goodbyes were – “well, guess I’ll see her again in a year” – but that disappointment was completely unfounded, I was, well, surprised to find out.  Evidently, it doesn’t take much to surprise me; Dianne said she could have parked her car in the driveway and I wouldn’t have blinked an eye.  Fair point.  However, I should have known something was up when Mom called and told Joe and me, who were out for the day enjoying all Little Rock has to offer (read: the Historic Arkansas Museum), to take our sweet time, don’t come home yet, the two of us won’t see each other for a long time – wait, my mom, not hungry and letting us know about it at 5:30?  Preposterous.

I can’t tell you enough how much it helps to know I’ve got so much support and good will on the home front, and this year doesn’t seem so impossible knowing that I have you guys to come back to.

And now, auf Wiedersehen!  Looks like this is really happening.


8 responses to “Last Post Stateside

  1. I’ve already started one of those chains of paper rings to count down. Got tired after the first two rings, however, so I decided to make it count down days till your first doener rather than days till you return.

  2. Hey I can usually wait till 5:45.

  3. What’s that about “…more icing than cake. Yuck” Are you saying that less icing is better? Now that is preposterous.

    Lori – hope your trip is uneventful for a bit once you land.

  4. what party? there was a party?

  5. I’m sorry I missed the party, invalid Kyle, and icing…mmm icing!

    Newark airport is pretty boring, but I found some really nice people there (I think they’re trying to overcompensate).

    Have a wonderful trip Lori!

  6. Since I live in El Paso, I’ll wish you Vaya Con Dios. I would tell you that the best wine on the Wein Strasse is between Rudesheim and Deidesheim. Sorry, we couldn’t attend the party. Hope all is well.

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