How to Pack for Ten Months Abroad

I haven’t the foggiest.

But, in a way, this is one of the most exciting phases of the trip, as this is the moment when I can most unreservedly delude myself.  An Excel spreadsheet doesn’t limit me in that cruel way suitcases do, and so at the moment, while my pond-hopping belongings are still in list form, I have the luxury of including stupid things like my rabbit corkscrew and a watercolor set.  Because, of course, once I find myself surrounded by the mystique of Europe, I will find myself a connoisseur.

Au revoir, jaded American version of Lori!

What I’m really banking on, though, is that I’ll soon come to my senses and acknowledge that this isn’t Eat Pray Love. My editing eye is going to kick in (as will the confines of my suitcases), and with that, my list (and the mental picture I have of me, sitting on the terraced hillside opposite Bingen, wine in hand, painting the boats floating down the Rhine at sunset) will be rendered ridiculous, and I will never have to figure out how to fandangle myself so that I can drink wine and paint simultaneously.  Thank goodness.


4 responses to “How to Pack for Ten Months Abroad

  1. F1RST!!!

  2. First off, throw away your Rabbit wine opener. I can open a bottle much faster with a double-hinged cork screw. If you want, I can send one to you. And they’re much more compact!

    I can’t wait to drink a glass of wine with you next year! If Bern and I are going to open a German Biergarten we’re going to have to find some great German Reislings to put on the list! You’ll have to help me find some!!!



    • Of course you can – you’re in the restaurant business! Don’t worry about me, I’ll figure out how to open those wine bottles. Also, I’m smack dab in the middle of wine country, so I’m sure I’ll stumble across some good ones. So excited you’re coming!


  3. Don’t forget your passport holder, so you can carry it under your shirt at all times! And a copy in every zip pocket you own!

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